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Kingston SE

Not to be especially confused, but there are apparently 2 (if not more) towns called Kingston. The one we want is Kingston SE, home of the big lobster. We were initially sad as the lobster season was over a month away, however as it turned out, they’d started early so we had a delicious seafood lunch from the little shop by the pier.

Cape Jaffa was a revelation as the last time we were down that way, there was no marina as such (just wee scale models, and posters of happy families pointing skywards to the future). Stage 1 looked completed, but were it not for Cape Jaffa being so far from practically anything (and possibly also the economic downturn), it would otherwise be a booming place.

Having found the beaches of Little Dip, we thought we’d make a return visit to get some proper sunset pics.

Little Dip Conservation Park

It’s with a little irony that the conservation park around the corner from our accomodation is protected from all things, except for 4WD vehicles. We noticed on a walk that the erosional damage in some places was almost a metre deep. Still, we have to draw arbitrary lines somewhere…

Our (my) concern was getting back in the dark after some sunset photography, particularly as the clouds looked especially rainy.

Robe Holiday

We find Robe the perfect place to go for a break, it’s nicely far away but not too far & usually bereft of the fordes that make holidaying a bit unbearable. A stop at Penola was a revelation as the town was buzzing. Partly due to a long weekend, but also the anniversary of Mary McKillop. The town’s a lot more alive than I remembered from previous visits.

Robe itself is fairly central to Kingston (mmm Lobsters), Mt Gambier, Coonawarra (mmm wine), and the Limestone Coast (mmm more wine). I also find it an ironic place for a person of Chinese descent to go given its goldrush era history.