Leech Walk

Friends of Mt Leura had an excursion day to Pallister’s Reserve and even though it rained for three quarters of the trip there, the sky cleared enough for a couple of very nice walks around the reserve. Having not been there for over a decade myself, the surroundings of impenetrable bluegum forests was starling and jarring, not to mention water table depleting. I spent most of the walk time obsessing over the volumes of leeches and high pitch screaming as they found their way up my boots.

inspirational gardens

A recent Sunday (not the one spent chain-sawing) strolling around two amazing gardens:  ‘Wigandia’, the drought-tolerant, abstract-styled garden of William Martin, and ‘Dalvui’, the historic, grand, Guilfoyle masterpiece, both at Noorat in the Western District.  Inspiring!  I am becoming more and more absorbed by garden design, plant structure and form – witness the sagging bookshelves in the horticulture section of our library!

Timber show

The pelting rain didn’t help my mood at the Timber & Working with wood show, especially as we were made to park at the diametrically opposite end of the Showgrounds to where the exhibition was. Walking dripping around the exhibits for the first half hour was not fun. Still, this Gabbet’s CU300 all in one panel saw, spindle moulder, jointer, thicknesser took my fancy.