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Tanks done. Almost.

Well, the heavy work is done. The tanks are aligned, and the area has been nicely flattened. Now the fine detail. As I’m discovering in cabinet-making, the construction phase is often the quickest & relatively easiest. The harder and more time consuming is the fine and finishing details.

So, the mad rush is on to connect the house downpipe outflow to the tank inflows, as well as devising a system that connects four tanks and allows for both uphill and downhill water movement.

Mad rush because it HAS to be in place before it rains. It is expected to rain in a few days time…


Water tanks

Nothing is ever simple. Major renovations frequently start as a nugget of action such as “I wonder what’s behind that wallpaper?” I’m leaning more towards aesthetic these days, although I still have no idea of it, even if something fashionable smacked me on the head.

Simple gravity fed water works, but to complete the picture, wed thought to align the tanks to maximise free space, complete storm drainage works (when it rains it pours!) and flattening the remainder of the area for installation of a garden/tractor shed.

Moving tanks

What better way to convalesce from shingles than to supervise some earthworks. I’d been mulling over the idea of converting our electric pump based water supply to gravity fed for a while. Four tanks at house level and one tank at the top gate, with the idea of running the fire pump every month or so to transfer water upwards, and have Newton do the work for us downwards. The added bonus of having water when the power went out, if not the ability to boil it for a cuppa, was a bonus.