Solar PV installed

Something I had been considering for a while was to up our solar PV power production. I’d always liked the idea of self sufficiency from an energy point of view, and the excess going to grid use is a bonus. We’d initially installed 1kw in 2005. How times change!

Then it was $13k. After some investigating this time, I came across the good people at Envirogroup. The  quote was for the same price for a 4kw system! This is our current (hah, electrical pun!) limit for north facing roof space and to be considered a ‘small’ generator for rebating purposes.

The only alteration we did was to up spec the inverter to a German one, our principle being that it’s the inverter that does the heavy lifting & your should get the best your budget allows, ending us up with a SMA SB4000TL Transformerless Inverter.

It’s an absolute delight to see the meter running backwards (as it were since it’s digital these days).

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Summer Rain

A small amount of rain amounted from this threatening storm. Other than some very pretty clouds and the obligatory rainbow, our south western district somehow completely missed out on the drenching, sometimes deluging rains that the rest of the eastern seaboard seems to be complaining of. Water tank and water body levels dropping. Will probably need to buy water soon.