Finishing the roof of the TARDIS required a little more contemplation than just banging some bits of roughly triangular ply together. Teacher Pete suggested a hip & rafter design which is probably a bit more substantial than required, but in the name of learning a new skill: I’m game. It’s also good practice for the eventual gazebo that Anna wants.

Emirates Family Day

Desperate for some photos for photography homework, I decided to use Emirates Family Day at Flemington to test my shooting skills for the compositional section combining ‘documentary’ and ‘sport’. I wasn’t about to fork out whatever huge sum it was to get in for the day so I skulked around and got some general shots until a very nice security man showed me where I could get some really nice shots at the starters’ gates. There I was met by a not-so-nice security man who turned out to have a very low tolerance for the likes of me and promptly shooed me away with the use of many guttural mono-syllables.

Melbourne pic excursion

A last minute excursion to Melbourne to gather some homework pictures. The brief was to shoot in 2 styles unfamiliar to us. I read that as ‘uncomfortable’, so crowds and sports came up trumps. My train trip into the city was timed just right for sunset over Southbank whereupon I trekked around Fed Square, up Swanston Street, and mingled around Bourke for a bit. The trepidation of doing the DSLR thing around Melbourne was eased I think by the fact it was a Friday night and everyone seemed pretty relaxed about things. I’ll try my luck at Flemington tomorrow.