Photo essay 1

One of our assignments for our level 2 DSLR course was to come up with a phot essay. After much mulling over something completely different, an opportunity came up to photograph an uncle who is involved with The Warbirds at Ardmore airbase A particular difficulty was the final shot where I wanted to capture one or more small children running around.

Difficult for not having access to small children but also for my going around asking people if they had small children of a certain age that I could borrow for a few hours to photograph!

TARDIS – yay!

Well, after one and a half terms learning about static machines, it’s back to the Tardis. Because I’ve been working on it in dribs & drabs since late 2009, I kinda forget what & where I’m up to. Like a tv episode, the Tardis looks at me every Tafe class and mocks me. Spiders & other insectivorous life have taken resident as has the dust.

Still, finally determined what to do with the roof, and here’s the finished (to be added to the frame) product. I need to make a light fitting for the flashing blue light and there are a number of designs that I could use – so a little more thinking music required.