TARDIS doorjam & lightbox cutouts

A solid week at TAFE gave me the opportunity to make some progress on the TARDIS. The entry doors had a strap of timber attached which finishes them (except for the phone door which I won’t complete until after painting, and the repair of the phone door rear panel).

4 thoughts on “TARDIS doorjam & lightbox cutouts”

    1. next week – I intend to spend a bit more time on the tardis but we’ll see what’s on the curriculum for this year. I hear rumours of dining table…

  1. Your Tardis work has just received huge kudos from a fellow geek at work, following a discussion of Elizabeth Sladen. How’s the Tardis progressing?

    1. cheers! I’d hoped to spend term 1 working on it again, but have ended up chasing my tail re-enrolling (the government has some pathology about people with ‘higher’ degrees wanting to study for ‘lesser’ ones), and then subsequently learning about various static machines (these are the giant bolted to the ground machines which will make a beautifully bevelled and accurately angled offcut of body parts if not careful).

      There is a good chance that I have to sit a literacy and numeracy test (sigh) so once I get over that, hopefully my rest of the year project will be getting the tardis completed. or at least the construction. The painting & electronics will be another challenge after that.

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