Windsor Chair course Day 10

Well that came around quickly. Time is even less so my friend now as I’m keenly aware of having to do the 300km trip to get back
in good time to get some amount of sleep in order to put in a day’s work the next day.

The back sticks need connecting to the legs and bows as do the arm sticks. The armbow needs connecting to the seat. The backbow needs connecting to the armbow. The shinbone connected to the kneebone. Hear the word of the Lord!

I think the stress has gotten to me.

Some momentary panics ensued with both of my bows failing. One the day after steaming started to delaminate. The second I had allowed the string to become flacid (or tight, I can’t remember, either way bad) and the bow to go out of shape as I was shaving and sanding it. Fortunately Howard had some he’d prepared earlier.

A great deal of patience on Howard’s behalf meant that we were able to stay past sundown and slightly past our bedtimes to finish our creations. The crowning moment of cutting the bow string and sitting in the chair for the first time was an achievement. Congratulations and thanks to Howard for the most wonderful experience.